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Teacher Education – education

Teacher education is evolving and developing into a profession in itself. It is an important area in which the trainer is getting trained. And it is important, as these are the people who will spend maximum time with the young generation during their formative years.Teacher education could be synonymous with teacher training and teacher development, but there is also a marked difference between the two. Basically, teacher education is a program that trains graduates to work in schools as teachers. It is a process or a course that an aspiring teacher has to undergo before she can get into the profession. Here, she receives training and educational information that will tell her how to impart the knowledge she has to the students. The course is an essential prerequisite, and the would-be teacher will attend lessons and lectures, and learn theories and new developments in the profession. She will get comprehensive training in material preparation for classes, methodologies, evaluation processes and standards, curriculum development and management of classrooms.Almost all major universities in the United States of America offer graduate programs in teacher education and training. These courses include comprehensive studies and research on not only the major subjects of the student, but also methods of imparting information to schoolchildren in the best possible way. Columbia University, for example, has one of the largest training colleges for teacher education in America. They focus not just on training teachers for schools, but also at evolving a new generation of leaders who understand education in the broadest possible sense of the word.The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education sets the standards for quality teacher education in the United States of America. This council is responsible for the accreditation of schools and colleges in the country, and ensures that only professionals with integrity and knowledge reach the students. Started in 1951, the council sees to it that the accredited schools maintain specific minimum standards in the quality of education as well as quality of teachers.

Future of Education Isn’t What It Used To Be – education

All my life, one thing was about as certain as death and taxes: that is my kids would go to a school designed about the same as the one I attended and that my parents had attended. Further, I find my grandchildren today attending a very similar system. However, there are signs that that might be changing in the near future.Obvious signs of the coming change are the current controversial tweaking of the public education system, through the creation of magnet schools, charter schools and voucher systems. But, according to a discussion between myself, Brandi Elliott, Marketing and Admissions Director for Northwest Academy in ID and Kimball DeLaMare, LCSW, Senior VP for Interchange, a network of three schools headquartered in UT, many other changes are happening that might profoundly change the way we conduct education.Changing attitudes of parents will have a profound impact as parents, who still are more influential on their children’s success than almost anything else, take more responsibility for making education choices for their children. This will increase as more approaches and choices become available.Online education expands tremendously the range and depth of subject matter available to the student in even the most rural areas. Although all the research indicates that an adult in the role of teacher (or mentor, facilitator, or proxy) is vital, online education can give students many additional educational options they could select from with the collaboration of their parents.Another important trend that will impact education is the rapid increase of psychological knowledge of child development, and especially that being learned from brain research. From this increased knowledge, the ability to more effectively intervene with emotional/behavioral problems and learning differences on an individual basis will become possible. No longer feasible will be the “one size fits all” approach which of necessity has been the focus of mass public education for the past century.What future schooling will look like is impossible to say with certainty, but what is fairly certain is finally, after a century of the factory model that has dominated education, the way we educate our young will be radically changed by these developing patterns in our society. Hopefully, children will no longer be plugged into a narrow category that only vaguely reflects the education they need, but parents and educators can meet the needs of all children and not just focus on the happy medium.

PhD in Special Education Leadership – education

There are many people who heard of special education but do not know in details what it is about. It means that education is provided for students with disabilities in areas of hearing, speech or learning difficulties. There are branches or specializations like in hearing disabilities, speech impairments, learning difficulties, vision disabilities and autism. A PhD in this field could be studied by one who has prior Certificate or Degree in Special Education. This doctorate has courses covering the law of special education, educational administration, student assessment, instructional strategies, and development on the programs for special education. The teacher may also take up this PhD to advance and further in this particular field.Those who possess PhD in in this field could have chosen the career as a leader or administrator, overseer for education programs and planning, supervisor for special educational teachers or instructional coordinator. Other career may include being a professor at university or a college lecturer. Whatever the post, one in this field needs to be loving, caring, patient and compassionate to serve the special students.One with a PhD could benefits the society in his or her administration for this type of education programs. These programs are designed to help the students with disabilities or impairments to gain knowledge. Individuals with disabilities have the right to education. Thus this schooling aims at educating the individual with special needs from the earliest age as possible. Those with this doctorate have the skills to oversee and lead the planning of programs that are really suitable to meet the needs and learning curve of these special students. Even a principal working in a general school could benefits from this PhD. He or she could implement and coordinate this program in an efficient way for the students.